Boyup Brook District High School
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77 Barron Street
Boyup Brook WA 6244

Phone: 08 9765 0000
Fax: 08 9765 1064

Primary Winter Jackets

There will be a another Primary Winter Jacket order placed this Friday. If you would like to order one please contact us on 97650000.

School Dental Van

Dental van update

Covid 19 restrictions have been eased, The Dental van is currently at Donnybrook Primary school, hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:45am till 3:10pm. 

If your child has a toothache and is between the ages 5-16 years, emergency care is available regardless of what location we are based at. 

Please call 0417 252 536 to arrange an appointment. 

Our next location will be Boyup Brook approx Decemeber 2020

Kind regards,

Pamela Holmes 

Bridgetown Mobile DTC
North Metropolitan Health Service

Mental Health, Public Health and Dental Services
C/O Donnybrook Primary School, Mead St, Donnybrook WA 6239
T: 0417252536

High School Lost Property

A large number of High School Jackets are in lost property at the moment with no names. Could you please check if you may be missing them.

Parent Feedback

Dear Parents,

I did send out a request last week for parents to write in some positive comments that they have experienced over the last three months of COVID 19 with staff.  This could be a range of staff from cleaners, gardeners Admin, teachers EA’s or a combination of all.  It only needs to be a sentence or two. I would like to print these off to read to staff on our Friday professional development day to reinforce the good work all areas of the school have done in adapting to the ever changing learning environment during this period.  Thankyou to those parents who have already made contact it is greatly appreciated.

Please click on the link to leave a comment:  Parent Feedback



Bernard Beatty


John Roberts

It has been a very sad week for our school and Boyup Brook community with the sudden passing of John.  He will always be remembered for his kindness and ability to bring out the best in everyone.  He will be sadly missed.  I would like to acknowledge the support and care our students and staff have shown for each other during this time.

John’s funeral is this Friday at 3.00pm and will be live streamed through Archer and Sons Funeral Homes    As a number of staff will want to be part of the funeral process, therefore we will be disbanding the normal timetable on Friday at 2.35 and High School students will participate in Countryweek training in the event we may be able to attend Countryweek this year.  If parents are wanting their child to be able to access the live streaming, you can pick up students early, they will just need to be signed out through the front office.  We will not be allowing student access to this site while at school.

We are also planning to have a short memorial service for John next Thursday at 3.00pm at the High School for the students and staff.  We will provide more information next week and it will not be compulsory for students to attend.

Can I also remind parents that next Friday 29 May is a professional development day for staff and no students to attend school.  This is the Friday of the long weekend.

Breakfast Club

We are pleased to annouce Breakfast Club will re-commence next week. Tuesday 26th May at the High School and Wednesday 27th May at the Primary School.

Dealing with Loss & Grief

Please click on the link for information on helping children cope with Loss and Grief.


Bernard Beatty

Canteen Term 2

The canteen has reopened! Thank you for all the orders this week and we hope that people continue to support it.

However for the canteen to run, we are reliant on volunteers to assist. A roster has been made up and please click on the link below for the Term 2 volunteers. We have enough families, that your family should only be rostered on once for the year. If you are unable to assist on the date that your name is listed, it is up to you to change with someone else. Please confirm to our Canteen Manager Bec Dewar on 0429 669 785 that you will be assisting your rostered date or your replacement.

Our canteen Manager has done the Govt COVID 19 Hygiene training and the menu currently doesn't include bento boxes, as the boxes are reusable and due to guidelines this is not recommended.

We would like some suggestions or comments on what you wish to see included in the canteen menu and this can be done on the Canteen Suggestion web form below. 

Term 2 2020 Canteen Roster

Canteen Suggestions

Principal - Update COVID 19

Please click on the below link for the latest COVID 19 information for our school.


Parent Feedback

Dear Parents,

We have a Staff Development Day on Friday 29th May. This will be a student free day.

On this day I would like to give all Staff - Teachers, Administration, Front Office, Business Manager, Education Assistants, Cleaners & Gardeners some positive feedback on their roles.

Thank you, as parents, for your support and understanding though this period.

Please click on the link to leave a comment.

Parent Feedback

Bernard Beatty