Student Personal Items List

The Boyup Brook District High School Board has endorsed the Personal Items list under Section 108 of the School Education Act 1999. Personal Items are items that students need to own and have with them on a daily basis, such as stationery, calculators etc. The school has an arrangement with Bridgetown Newsagency to supply these items – see below links - however, items can be purchased from any supplier of your choice. Items on this list may need to be replaced/replenished during the year. Bridgetown Newsagency will hold stock of these items for your convenience.

Student Personal Items List - All Years

Please ensure you choose the correct Personal Items List for your child's school year (the year they are going into)

Kindergarten Personal Items 2024

Pre-Primary Personal Items 2024

Year 1 Personal Items 2024

Year 2 Personal Items 2024

Year 3 Personal Items 2024

Year 7-10 Personal Items 2024