In the 2020 Public School Review, there were a number of commendations for Boyup Brook District High School.

These were:

There are mutually respectful relationships evident between staff and students. Students are explicitly taught behaviours that demonstrate respectful interactions. The school is held in high regard by the parent body. Parent representatives described the school as “a very good school”. The school is leading an extremely successful partnership with community stakeholders in tackling youth mental health. This partnership is gaining momentum through the provision of a dedicated project officer. The School Board plays an important role in the review and development of policy alongside its governance responsibilities. The P&C is a strong advocate for the school and has provided the school with the ability to improve the grounds through its fundraising efforts.

The school has successfully embedded the Positive Behaviour Support framework, which is driving a positive school culture. The student services team supports individual students, using data to identify specific needs and targeted intervention. Student voice is valued in the school and, through the Team Initiated Problem Solving process, students are afforded procedural fairness in managing conflict. The physical learning environment is a credit to the school. Spaces promote activity and the majority of students enjoy these opportunities during break time.

The involvement of an external coach demonstrates the self-reflective practices of the leadership team. There has been a considered approach to change management by the leadership team. Staff are embracing the narrative ‘No student left behind at Boyup Brook’ and are engaged in the change process. Planning documents have been developed to facilitate a more consistent approach to improvement agendas. Revised professional review processes are ensuring greater accountability for growth and are supported by staff.

The manager corporate services has considerable expertise in the area of financial management. Continual monitoring and planning for variation in student numbers is ensuring the school is adequately resourced and funds are made available to areas of need. The provision of ICT1 is impressive, equating to one-to-one allocation. Considerable funds have been expended over time to enhance the physical environment. This has been a staged approach with further improvements planned.

Conditions are being established to ensure increased accountability through engagement in ongoing self-reflection and targeted professional growth. Staff have been provided opportunities to visit a number of Perth and regional schools to see what is occurring in teaching and learning in other environments. Students requiring intervention are identified through Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) data and provided personalised support for improvement

The use of PAT data is providing a more reliable picture of student achievement than that of NAPLAN2, due to the impact of small student numbers. Student achievement and progress are adequately aligned despite the lack of opportunity for meaningful moderation. Data are used to inform decisions within the leadership team and by an increasing number of staff.

Specialised Programs

The School has a number of special programs for students to participate in.

Music Program

Music is a valued part of the school Curriculum at Boyup Brook District High School. Music is taught to all students from Pre-Primary to Year Six one day per week with Mrs Renee Knapp. Students are introduced to the elements of music and, at an early age, are taught to read and write music and identify pitch and rhythm through listening. They are given many opportunities to perform on the stage and engage with a variety of musical instruments.

Each year students from Year 3-6 are given the opportunity to join the School Choir. This group meets once a week during school time and is open to anyone with a love of singing. With guidance from Mrs Knapp, students develop a varied repertoire including a mix of popular, rock, traditional and late music. Performances throughout the year include ANZAC and Sandakan services, Musical Evenings, Home For the Aged and many Christmas events. They have attended the Bunbury Eisteddfod and hope to continue attending in future years.

An elite School Vocal Ensemble is also established each year with a selection of auditioned students from Years 5-10. The award winning group performs at many venues throughout the year and in 2012 earned a first place at the Bunbury Eisteddfod. They have an extensive repertoire and perform most songs in two-part harmony.

The Middle School provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills in guitar, drums keyboard, vocals and bass guitar. In Year 7 and 8 it is compulsory for students to study music and in Year 9 and 10 it is an elective for those students wishing to develop their musical skills further including using recording technology. Students are encouraged to form bands and groups and perform at school functions and in the public arena. The school music program is highly acclaimed with student bands and groups having success beyond the school. The program gives students the opportunity to explore their musical talent and to grow and develop their skills.

Art Program

The Visual Art program at Boyup Brook District High School aims through teacher guidance and motivation to instil in all children a love of art, an appreciation for art and the confidence and skills necessary to express themselves effectively through their art. Students are encouraged to explore, discover and invent as they open their eyes to the design, colour, form, rhythm, texture and pattern in the world around them. Art programs aim to keep students engaged in worthwhile experiences so they have something meaningful to express, draw, paint, print, model, or construct.

The art program at Boyup Brook is well resourced, well supported by teachers and the administrative staff and highly valued by the students. The student’s participate in School projects designed to enhance their surroundings and their art work features in a number of community events including the Upper Blackwood Show, the Boyup Brook Country Music Art Exhibition, the Rylington Park Womans Feild Day and the Shire of Boyup Brook Local Government Week Banners in the Terrace. Annually Middle School students exhibit their work in the prestigious Iluka Visions Student Art Exhibition in Bunbury.

Art is taught to all students purposefully and qualitatively so that every lesson augments and enhances their skills in all learning.

Languages other than English (LOTE) Indonesian

Language is an important component of our curriculum here at Boyup Brook. It helps to enable all students to communicate to some level in another language along with a cultural understanding of other countries. It also provides a broadening of a student’s horizon to include the personal, social and employment opportunities that an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world presents.

As a staff we have reviewed our offering of a language and believe that given 75% of the world’s population lives within a four hour time zone from Perth and the close proximity and strong economic ties with Asia, students will be best placed studying the Asian language of Indonesian.

In all the languages, the priority of Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia provides opportunities for students to develop an appreciation for the place of Australia within the Asian region. Students will learn how Australia is situated within the Asian region, how our national linguistic and cultural identity is continuously evolving both locally, regionally and within an international context. The curriculum also provides students with opportunities to engage with a range of texts and concepts related to:

  • Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia
  • the languages and cultures of Asia
  • people of Asian heritage who reside in Australia.

 Indonesian is one of the few languages that the Department of Education provides significant online and written resources for. Indonesian as a language will offer greater opportunity for students in choosing careers and having a stronger cultural awareness of our close neighbours.